Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hustling For Candy

So yesterday was Halloween. We dress up our kids, parade them around town, and let them knock on strangers doors with the anticipation of receiving candy and other treats. Weird Holiday and message much?
Don't take me wrong I was the one who told my kid to be sure and hit up the local business district as well.
What can I say, my boy is a good sharer and I have a weakness for butterfingers and candy corn.

Mario and things with wings seemed to be the big themes for costumes this year. There really was a parade, and the Jay Cee's put together a haunted house experience in the old co-op.  I almost forgot for a moment here and there that I have another child with cancer. I really thought those were words I would never have to say, let alone think. Silly me.

I was also having all sorts of random thoughts as we were going along. Like why don't they hold elections on Halloween? The whole "Trick or Treat" aspect would be a good fit. I wonder why they waste so much air space with empty promises and bullshit pretenses of civilized debate. Mr.Governor and Mr.President.
I would never last, you just know I would pop up with a hey listen up asshole or something like.

I have actually by accident become more politically aware and I remember why I used to judge the economy by the price of gasoline and Miracle Whip instead. It scares me, this whole world wide game of Monopoly.
It scares me because I am part of the low or slave income demographic, I can't afford to be a Republican. I can't even afford to fake it until I make it like 47% of the Republican demographic does.

For the record, in over 3.5lbs. of candy there wasn't a single package of candy corn this year. Not one, can you believe it? Damn Republicans I am blaming them for this, and the price of gas and Miracle Whip. And a non-liveable minimum wage, and cuts to programs that Americans besides me actually need. Did I mention that I think Mitt Romeny is an idiot? Yeah, these are just a few of the reasons I do not usually wax political.


Cut-N-Jump said...

I used to love candy corn. Now I canbarely gag down a handfull of the stuff.

Hold the election on Halloween? Please don't ruin the holiday for the rest of us.

Dena said...

HA! At least you saved me from the sound of crickets chirping in
You are right it would ruin the holiday:(

wolfbitch said...

But candy corn is the BEST!!!!!! I still eat that stuff, and it still makes me want to throw up because I eat too much of it and it gives me massive indigestion.... so what. And yes, I still try to stick pieces on my front teeth so I look like a Halloween Dracula.

Cut-N-Jump said...

I thought I was the only one who did that. Halloween Dracula with candy corn teeth. Who knew?

I think camdy corn has gone the way of popcorn balls and carmel apples.