Friday, November 30, 2012

I Seem To Have Misplaced My...

My computer I have been thinking about blogging a bit more and it seems as though I have forgotten the simplest things like copy and paste, how to post pictures, and just in general the basic skills that are tricks of the trade.
That and I have become lazy in how I post, how often, the effort I put into the context, research, etc.

I keep thinking I would like to post things that are of a more hopeful and inspiring content. And yet, I find myself on many days going, umm...yeah...I got nothing. Or the ever famous, that would be too much work.
It used to come so easy. *sigh*

I am working on quitting smoking so it is possible that things could get a little more exciting around here. Just as it is possible I could become even more lazy. Heaven forbid.
I would appreciate if people would leave me comments on how to take pictures from the internet to use here, copy and paste instructions, etc. Whatever you have to offer will likely be appreciated as I seem to have forgotten everything. Or thoughts on what it would interest you to see. So please feel free...


wolfbitch said...

To copy pictures from the Internet; Right-click on the picture. You'll get a drop-down menu, and one of the choices will be something like Save Image As... (at least that's what it says for a Mac). Anyway, once you pick the Save option, you'll get the usual window so you can pick the place to save the image plus get a chance to rename it. Best to rename it to something you can remember in case you have to go looking for it later!

My rule about everything computer related is: When in doubt, right-click on it.

fernvalley01 said...

WB same for a desk top, cut and paste right click highlight it then click copy or cut then when you get where you are going with it , right click and paste

wolfbitch said...

Good to know, Fernvalley. It's been so long since I've used my Windows laptop (don't have a desktop here anymore since the iMac imploded and made me say VERY bad words in many languages). I couldn't remember exactly how the cut/copy, paste or save, worked in Windows!

Cut-N-Jump said...

You can also click and drag to highlight the picture, then-

Control C - is for Copy
go to where you want it and
Control V - is for Paste