Thursday, October 25, 2012

Change Your Stars

Yes, I read it and approve mightily. But what happens when you just get a little tired? Get told one day that you have a brain tumor only to be told the next oh your MRI showed you're fine. Hallelujah right? Right.
But what do you do when you get the call that one of your children has leukemia? Fall right to your knees and plan on staying there for awhile.

I am not enjoying this year, there have been far too many losses and tragedies. I have hope that the one coming will prove much less painful.
So I am making a commitment to change my stars, and those of my children because I really am a Jew at heart and I can damn it!

Life can be and often is unfair, I have no control over much of that. But what I do have control over is how I let it affect me. And I intend to do my very best to stay large and in charge of that. I am so damn sick of my life reading like some second rate soap opera I think a huge overhaul is necessary and in the making.

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Please know that any and all prayers on my daughter's behalf are much welcomed and appreciated. Please also know that I humbly beg for all that can be gotten in the way of prayer and good thoughts.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Book Club Revisited

So 6:30pm came and went and I was still jockeying phone calls but I did make it shortly thereafter. And it was interesting. Kind of like being the new kid in a new school or something.
It amazed me that the ladies in book club had such a poor opinion of Madame Bovary herself. I just thought the woman was bi-polar and the author did an amazing job of capturing all the nuances of her mental illness before it had a proper name.
Needless to say, Madame was judged to be a very selfish and self-concerned individual only out for herself and her own interests. Poor Monsieur was just the poor sap who was blindly in love with her.
All in all I found book club to be a very novel experience even though I am likely to repeat it next month.
I must be getting old..