Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Book Club Revisited

So 6:30pm came and went and I was still jockeying phone calls but I did make it shortly thereafter. And it was interesting. Kind of like being the new kid in a new school or something.
It amazed me that the ladies in book club had such a poor opinion of Madame Bovary herself. I just thought the woman was bi-polar and the author did an amazing job of capturing all the nuances of her mental illness before it had a proper name.
Needless to say, Madame was judged to be a very selfish and self-concerned individual only out for herself and her own interests. Poor Monsieur was just the poor sap who was blindly in love with her.
All in all I found book club to be a very novel experience even though I am likely to repeat it next month.
I must be getting old..


wolfbitch said...

The thing about Bovary is, everybody focuses on the woman. Yes, she can be seen as selfish and self-centered, but for me the crux of the novel was how could anybody bear being married to anyone as boring as Charles? So for me, the question became, Should a woman who was essentially in an arranged marriage to a boring fart be forced to change her entire nature just to make him and, more importantly, Society, happy? Would that have been a better solution for her?

Also, in that time period, if Charles had had an affair, Emma, by Society's rules, would have had to keep her mouth shut and accept it. Yet when she does the same, it's OMG WHAT A TRAMP.

Life hasn't changed much, has it.

I hope you keep up with the book club. I think you'll enjoy it more than you think you will.

fernvalley01 said...

Give it a chance seems like a fair way to look at it, going to have to read the book and see what I think, will try to get to it soon

Dena said...

Well WB it still caused grown women to titter. Yes, titter. And he was boring wasn't he? Or maybe just too too complacent.
The book for next month is by an author who I admire but do not want to read more of her work. Jodi Picoult Handle With Care. To gripping and ripping for me to enjoy the stories.
I still say Madame Bovary was bi-polar.
The ladies of the book club were interesting to me, at my age being the youngest of anything holds its own appeal so I will probably carry on with book club for the unique

wolfbitch said...

I've never read any Jodi Picoult. I tend to stay far away from "women's books" and head more for "gory psychological mysteries." Yeah, what a shock. LOL!!!

Our local library has a book club as well. I took one look at the selections and figured, No point in going, they'd throw me out the first night. LOL!

Cut-N-Jump said...

I know the feeling about being 'the youngest of the group at my age'. The driving club is a lot of older folks. One of them being a teacher I had in Jr High school. Talk about a trip.

It is fun though and why not give it a shot? You never know when, where or how you are going to meet others and make friends. There's a lot more out there that could be worse.